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  • Created: 2015-06-01 15:31:04
  • updated: 2015-06-01 17:43:03

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Just s brief update here to let you know what's new on the throwsteel.com website.

  • stats, lots of them.  The following pages have stats:
    • Members Page
      • Individual member pages (click the dart names listed on the left of the members page)
    • Event pages
      • choose a game from the drop dpwn to view the individual games stats
  • Profiles
    • you can now update your profile, by going to http://www.throwsteel.com/NDLprofile.php?m=YOUR_DARTNAME_HERE and if you are logged in you will see an "edit profile button to the right of the profile image.  Click that and you'll be able to update your profile.  All profile edits must be approved, this is a family friendly website after all.
  • Account Settings.
    • When you log in there will be a green dartboard gear icon next to your name in the upper right.  Click that and you'll be taken to your account settings where you can:
      • Update contact information
      • access the NDL Ranking page.
      • set Profile page settings (coming soon)
      • opt-out or in to the NDL mailing list. (coming soon)
  • login
    • a small change, but very nice to have: you can now hit enter after typing in your password to login, no need to click on the "Go" button.

Also the Chalkbaord has been updated.  All games, part of an event or not, will be recorded if played by NDL members.  All stats from these games will count towards your individual stats.  You will need to be logged into the main page on throwsteelcom beofre you will be able to use the Chalkboard to record a game.  If you are logged in and using the Chalkboard as part of an event there will a dropdown of active brackets to choose from in the add player popup.  If you are logged in and using the Chaklkboard as a single game, NDL dartnames will autofill if you type in a few letters of the thrower's name.  Each game records the user who is logged in as the scorekeeper to keep everyone honest.  If you are not logged in then you can still use the Chalkboard, but no game information will be recorded.

New items to keep an eye out for:

  • Auto feat detection
    • When the Chalkboard recognizes a feat has been achieved it will be automatically added to the feat board and to the member's profile page.
  • NDL Clubs (formerly known as Divisions)
    • create new clubs
    • invite members
    • hold Club specific events
    • club specific stats
    • and more

Check back often for updates and information on upcoming events!

The Big Event: A Big Success!

  • Created: 2015-04-20 08:53:16
  • updated: 2015-04-21 08:33:24

For those of you that were unfortunately incapacitated, because otherwise we are sure you would have been there, the NDL's inaugural event was huge success! We had 22 members there and they all came to play, especially Tex! Tex threw his heart out landing several triple marks, a 5 mark round, and even a double bull. Even though Tex, like many others that fateful day, faced the sometimes harsh judgment of the board and his run to the top ended in the 4th round, he and everyone else that day ma...more

History and Original Members of the National Dart League

  • Created: 2015-04-09 14:02:52
  • updated: 2015-04-13 13:35:59

"Men of Steel" is a nickname given to members of the National Dart League much like "Leathernecks" is a military slang for Marines. The Men of Steel was the original organized confederation of steel-tip dart throwers that was born from those who threw at Cotter’s Pub in Black Earth, Wisconsin in 2009. At that time, the proliferation of plastic, soft-tip darts on plastic electronic boards throughout the State was a cause of great concern for the well-being of mankind. A ...more

Darts the basis of society?

  • Created: 2015-03-18 09:04:14

There is a theory that beer is reason why we have soceity as we know it today. The theory goes that early man changed form a hunter- gatherer based society to a agricultural society due to beer. When early humans discovered beer they liked it so much they gave up their nomadic, following of the herds way of life to start planting the food necessary to make beer. And very shortly after specific tasks were handed out so evertone worked together to make beer and those with talen...more